Weekly Courses

Meditation Course

from 21st February 2019
every Thursday
18:30 - 20:30
(except 25.4., 16.5., 13.6.-1.8.)

This Meditation Course wants to offer its participants the possibility to continuously develop their ability to live mindfully and to gradually deepen their awareness. At first, we will get to know the basics of meditation and mindfulness practice, and we will learn to apply them in our daily lives. Afterwards, we will focus every week on one specific area of the practice in order to deepen it and gain more experiences. As the basics of meditation practice are very important also for the more experienced and advanced practitioners, we will continuously practice them throughout the course. Therefore it is possible at all times to join the course also after some weeks or months.

In every meeting we will practice sitting and walking meditation. Afterwards we will focus on one specific aspect of mindfulness and either learn an exercise concerning this aspect, read a text for explanation or listen to a short Dharma Talk on this topic. At the beginning, the topics will address the basics of the practice such as different aspects of mindfulness on the body or the sense perceptions, later we will learn some exercises about dealing with our emotions, observing our thinking and our mind consciousness, and applying the mindfulness practice in different situations of every day life. How fast we will proceed and which topics we will put a special focus on will mainly depend on the needs of the participants. Every meeting ends with a Dharma Sharing accompanied by a cup of tea, and there will be the possibility to ask questions.

Your Breath – your Voice!
Meditative Singing with Sr. Tinh Hanh

from 12th February 2019
every Tuesday
18:30 - 20:30
(except 11.6.-30.7.)

To sing Mantras and meditative songs can strengthen our meditation practice. By the repetitive singing with appropriate texts we train our concentration; at the same time we can pay attention on the physical experiences that arise in the body while we sing (especially our breath and our voice), so that our body awareness will be nourished. In this course we will not only sing Mantras and songs, but we also learn some specific exercises that help us to unfold the full potential of our voice. We do this mainly by focusing on our breath, because doing so we can concentrate our energy and develop a strong awareness in the center of our body. This strength we can then use to empower our voice and unfold its full potential. Every meeting we will begin with some breathing and singing exercises, afterwards we will sit together and sing Mantras and meditative songs. In this way we combine our meditation practice with the singing practice.

All events are donation-based. 

Please apply to the course you wish to attend by writing an email to Dharma-Lichtung@posteo.de.