New Year Ceremony in the “Dharma Light Center” (Finsterwalde)

On the 3rd of January 2017, for the first time a Ceremony was taking place in the “Silent Illumination Hall” in Finsterwalde. We were very happy to see that many friends of the center came to support the New Year Ceremony by their presence. In this way we were able to generate a powerful collective […]

Digging my own well

During the last weekend, I participated in the coursse „Mindfulness is the Source of Happiness“ with thay Phap Nhat. On the last day, he draw a picture of a pond and a well. Looking at the pond, it first seems that there is a lot of water in it; we can even take some water […]

From Klaus aus Freiburg im Breisgau

Dear Thay Phap Nhat, thank you very much for your wonderful teachings last weekend. I am still impressed of everything that happened in waldbröl. Never before I  left a seminar in such a good mood. I am so gratefull, that I had the chance to meet you. And I wish to meet you again soon. Unfortunately […]