Questions & Answers 3 – Thay Phap Nhat

Q: Are there actually no emotions in the present moment? Is there no emotionality in what is happening in the present moment? A: There is no seperation between the absolute level and the relative level of reality. The present moment includes the emotions that are arising in it. We can observe in the present moment […]

Questions & Answers 2 – Thay Phap Nhat

Question: You say that it is not possible to suffer in the present moment. I understand that a big part of our suffering is coming from the past. But I also often experience a strong feeling of happiness in the moment I am reminded of happy situations from the past. Does this mean that this […]

Questions & Answers 1 – Thay Phap Nhat

Question: How can I be peaceful in the moment there is a person in front of me who is angry and wants to harm me? Answer: Imagine there is a well in front of you, and you want to take some water out of that well. If in that well there is no water, it […]