Forgiveness – Thay Phap Nhat

Do you want to run away from the past? Do you want to get rid of the image of the person who has hurt you? Sometimes you even want to punish or revenge the people who make you suffer. You feel like you are not able to forgive their words or behaviors, and your heart […]

Love yourself and learn to take care of your emotions – Thay Phap Nhat

If we don’t know how to love ourself, how to take care of ourself, how to understand ourself deeply, it will be difficult for us to love another person. Therefore it is very important that we learn to come back to ourself. First of all we need to truly be there for ourself. Often we […]

Deep Love and True Love – Thay Phap Nhat

Our ideas about love can be sorted in two categories. There is a love that transcends birth and death. God can never die. The essence of being will never die either. On the other hand, beauty will pass. Where there is happiness, there must be suffering as well. Trust is impermanent; maybe we trust one […]

Who are you?

Thay Phap Nhat We can answer the question „Who are you?“ on many different levels. Let us first speak about the first level: Someone comes to us and asks: „Who are you?“ We might think: „I am this body.“ And if we have some psychological knowledge, we might add some more things: „I am not […]

Peace in Me – Peace in the World (Dharma Talk in Hamburg, February 7)

Thay Phap Nhat I would like to tell you a story that is taking place several hundreds years ago. In that time, the surface of the earth was covered by thorns and sharp stones, and the people’s feet were often hurt by them. The King wanted to protect his people, and therefore he invited several […]

The happy inner child

 Sometimes we have an image of ourselves that we get caught in. We don’t know how we can liberate ourselves from that image. Maybe we have created that image when we were a little boy or a little girl, when we were living together with our family. During that time we have also been hurt […]

Your Inner Master

A person who has achieved enlightenment, we may call „awakened“. It means that this person is awake. When we are in a dream, the things around us will not be clearly visible for us. When we wake up from sleeping, we often cannot remember the content of our dream, because the things in the dream […]

How we can bring Light into our Consciousness – Thay Phap Nhat

Our consciousness is like a dark room with many different pieces of furniture in it. Let us imagine that we are going into that room. We cannot recognize what kinds of furniture are in the room, because everything is dark in there. We cannot see where our bell is standing, where the chairs and the […]

Look with your heart

On some days we feel so lonely, so separate from everyone else. We might think that nobody can understand us. On difficult days we might feel vulnerable and it is easy to drown in suffering. Let me take your hand. Let me take you into the forest to observe. We can enjoy the quiet peacefulness of […]