Dharma Light Meditation Center

We are a community (Sangha) of monastic and lay practitioners who live in Finsterwalde (Germany) and nearby. In the year 2017 we began to set up a monastery for nuns in the village “Pechhütte” near Finsterwalde in order to share our meditation and mindfulness practice. Our teacher Thay Phap Nhat is also living in the monastery and guides many of our activities. We wish that the Dharma Light Meditation Center will become a place of peace, harmony and silence, an island that people of all different socio-cultural and religious backgrounds can visit in order to come back to themselves and enjoy their life in the present moment. The community of practice supports us to remember the things that are truly important for us in our life.

Thay Phap Nhat was born in Vietnam in 1984. Early in his life he faced death, and this experience made several questions arise in him about the purpose of life. He started to search for the true nature of things, and in the age of 12 he started to practice meditation. In 2005 he ordained as a monk with the Zen-master Thich Nhat Hanh and in a short time he gained deeper insight into the nature of things. He discovered a dimension that goes beyond space and time, beyond birth and death, and he experienced a profound liberation. In the following years this experience ripened in him and continued to unfold. In 2013 he became a Dharma-Teacher and since then he gave seminars in the European Institute of Applied Buddhism (EIAB) in Germany. Furthermore he travelled to different places in the Netherlands, Czech Republic, France, Germany and in Vietnam to teach the Dharma. In 2017 he founded the Dharma Light Meditation Center. He loves meditation and silence, and he is author of several books about the dharma in Vietnamese language, especially in the form of poetry. He likes to live spontaneously, regarding life to be an adventure that is never predictable, fresh and new in every moment.

Sr. Tinh Hanh was born in Hamburg in the year 1991. She followed her passion for music and studied piano in the Franz Liszt Conservatory in Weimar. Later she studied to become a teacher of math and music in Hamburg. In the year 2011 she traveled for the first time to the Meditation Center “Plum Village” in France in order to learn the art of mindful living. Since then she was impressed by the joy she felt in meditation. After staying several times in the EIAB she decided in the year 2017 to walk on the path of monastic life and moved to live in the Dharma Light Meditation Center. In January 2019 she was ordained as a novice with Thay Phap Nhat.